100kw distributed solar system
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100kw distributed solar system

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August 7th, 2017,  Huai an Qinghe District, Jiangsu province .Yuanchan Solar the distributed PV power plant project of 100kw officially started construction. Yuanchan project engineer and site construction personnel are in charging of measuring everything in good order and well arranged, tilt angle, measure the roof area, the reasonable layout design of PV modules and lines. After 9 days,tight and detailed installation, in August 16th, 100KW distributed power station project completed and delivered, the perfect engineering installation quality has been praised by the user!


Power generation installation quality and stability of the Qinghe District of 100kW power plant in perfect, forming a good reputation among the users,also brought sustained orders for far. Since through more than a month, on-site inspection of users and constantly door-to-door consultation, Qinghe District has signed a family of distributed project 5* 50kW!



Yuanchan Solar through the photovoltaic products with good quality meticulous and perfect service, the formation of continuous good word-of-mouth effect among users, I believe in the near future, will shine in the photovoltaic field, for the development and utilization of clean energy to contribute their strength!


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